In the next 10 years, millennials will be one third of our driving population. So what do they want to drive? A sporty roadster? A tiny smart car? Turns out, millennials want a minivan.

But not just any minivan. The most futuristic all-electric minivan you’ve ever seen.


“It’s designed by millennials,
for millennials.


Fiat Chrysler unveiled their first attempt at a self-driving concept car at CES this past year, and it’s designed by millennials, for millennials.

Self-driving functionality, vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, and Personal Zoned Audio that can’t be heard by other passengers.
Facial and voice-recognition technology means you can customize lighting, destination, and music based on who gets behind the wheel.
The Portal has 250 miles of range on a full charge. Take that Tesla.
The battery can be fast charged to 150 miles of range in just 20 minutes.

With its meticulously designed interior that looks like an architecture studio had a one night stand with a starship, the Portal cabin manages to stay warm and inviting.

Chrysler wanted to create a “third-space” model for this car — a place to work as well as drive. It’s like a coffee shop or a bar, but, you know, a van. And with the new Level 4 self-driving tech that is upgradable after release, you could work in your all-electric fully-automated personal coffee shop all day long with no distractions.

Millennials grew up on mobile internet devices that are constantly pushing updates. So they want a vehicle for their family that’s upgradeable and integrates with their personal tech.

“The Portal is our first indication of Fiat Chrysler’s potential approach to what the interior vehicle space might be like for autonomous vehicles,” says Stephanie Brinley, an automotive analyst at IHS. “There is clever use of technology for creating a space conducive for sharing content as well as consuming content individually.”

The Portal is the first attempt at a car that “does it all,” and, at least according to millennials, it nails it.

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