About Matthew


Matthew is a visionary technology entrepreneur and Co-Founder and Chairman at Sol Inc. He is working to advance the world by building virtual tools that drive human development.

At age 18 Matthew launched his first startup, Roshambo Global, with EPA Communications Producer Mark Hanson to provide information support for the United States National Guard overseas and domestically. He returned to academia in 2006 to study under legendary Digital Ethnography professor Dr. Mike Wesch, then founded Snowtone Limited to provide social revenue integration assistance for international agencies. Matthew then expanded to Cape Town, South Africa where he deployed experimental business models and constructed two intercultural training facilities located in the poorest townships of the region. He also served as a consultant to the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa on decriminalization reform and anti-human trafficking legislation, and as an advisor for the Traffick Proof coalition and Media Village in Muizenberg.

In 2017 Matthew co-founded Sol Inc. and currently serves as Chairman. The goal of the Sol™ platform is to catalyze​ ​the​​ ​evolution​ ​of​ ​planet Earth​ ​through​ ​reimagined​ ​human​ ​learning.​

Matthew lives in Silver Lake, California with his wife Irene Cho.