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March 1, 2017

Translation Tech That’s Almost Human

Google has created a new neural network, and it's within striking distance of human-level translation.…
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Traditional Learning

Traditional education promotes short-term information retention, but not concept mastery.

Concept Mastery

We help you learn new skills and information, critically analyze it, apply it, and become an expert at it.

A virtual knowledge universe

Tailored to you

Every human brain is unique, like a fingerprint. Development happens best when our teachers and mentors understand how we like to learn, and what challenges us. Our platform tailors content to your unique learning fingerprint, helping you evolve as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We will be releasing upcoming Devcasts demonstrating our how tailoring system works. Check back mid 2017 to learn more.

Ok, show me
Skill Baseline
  • Already Mastered Skills
  • Natural Aptitudes
  • Traditional Degrees
  • Trade Skills
  • Learning Styles
Human Development
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Quality Feedback
  • Engaging Content
  • Integrated Community
  • Wholistic Model
  • Hard Sciences
  • Soft Sciences
  • Arts
  • Trade Skills
  • Personal Skills
Upcoming Devcasts
  • Coming soon

Intake System


UI/UX Design


Research Framework


Systems Design




Education you

The Virtual Knowledge Universe allows you to access the world’s best knowledge an any device, anywhere. I’d love to tell you more, but we’re still getting a few legal things in order. Then I can show you.

Upcoming Devcasts will discuss the Virtual Knowledge Universe, starting mid 2017.

Human communities depend

on a diversity of talent,

not a singular conception

of ability.

I am helping design a new human development platform that integrates education, technology, and growth.

This new platform will allow organizations like educational institutions, businesses, nonprofits, & individuals to access a Virtual Universe of content. This content can be shaped into professional degree programs or personal growth maps that facilitate skill mastery.

Crowdfunding is about to begin

Our goal is to raise $100 million in funding for this new educational platform. Details will be available soon.

Making education beautiful.

Not a method, a virtual knowledge universe.

Platform Phases

Our current development timeline is outlined in these three phases.


We are currently constructing our platform’s systems and stress-testing our conceptual framework.


Our conceptual framework will be reviewed by innovators, researchers, UX designers, game designers, and educators.


You’ll get to download the platform, experience it for yourself, and help us refine and balance it.

Upcoming events.

After the gut punch that was 2016, here’s a few things to look forward to.
SXSW 2017

SXSW 2017

Grab a helmet and let's go

MIYA Innovation Summit

MIYA Innovation Summit

Helping millennianls

ISTE 2017 San Antonio

ISTE 2017 San Antonio

Education tech conference

Code 2017

Code 2017

To space

Entre Leadership 2017

Entre Leadership 2017

Pure brain candy

Crowdsourcing imagination.

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